Rishabh Lakhotia

I'm Rishabh, and this is my digital corner.

About Me

I work as a Site Reliability Engineer, writing scripts, automating tasks, and maintaining a keen interest in infrastructure security. With over four years of experience in the DevOps/SRE field, I bring a dedicated and skilled approach to my work.

I started working with Compute Infrastructure in 2016 with my first OpenVZ shared VM. Since then I have worked on Digital Ocean, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and most extensively, on AWS and GCP.

For monitoring I have worked extensively on Prometheus, and Grafana. I've experimented with Netdata on edge computers and use it for personal projects. However, for more substantial workloads, I've engaged with ELK.

If you're someone like me who likes GPG, you can contact me using my key hereFEC1 548F DA01 B365 1036 E350 7673 C8D2 D840 DA0C.

Work Experience

  1. Phaidra [Site Reliability Engineer] -- GCP, Kapitan, Terraform, GitLab, Grafana, Prometheus.
  2. Bright Money [DevOps Engineer] -- AWS, Ansible, Jenkins, GitHub, ELK, Wazuh.
  3. Droice Labs [DevOps Engineer] -- AWS, Proxmox, Buddy Works, Gitea, PyInfra, LogzIO.
  4. Nymo AI [Implementation Engineer] -- Digital Ocean, Edge Compute, NetData